Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

There are many different anxiety disorders, which can constantly corrupt someone's life and daily activities. It is a mental illness that consists of constant fear and worrying over many different things. People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or also called GAD, have persistant worrying over money, family, health, and other things in life too. It can also consist of excessive worrying, when there is no real reason for concern. When someone has three or more symptoms and worries for several days for about 6 months, they become diagnosed with GAD, which distinguishes it from worrying.
3.1% of the U.S. population is affected by this disorder, but there are treatments as well. There is no known cause of being affected by it, but stressful things in life such as experiences and family issues can play a role in it. People with this disorder find it hard to stop worrying, that it may affect their ability to carry on throughout the day. As mentioned in the youtube video, for these people who have the disorder, the stress is always there.,difficult%20to%20control%20their%20worry.


  1. You posted a lot of interesting information about generalized anxiety disorder. It seems that this condition is becoming increasingly common. It is reassuring that there are many options available for treating this condition.

  2. I actually have anxiety and I did one of my posts in anxiety as well, and it really does affect my life in a whole different way. Some things are harder than others but being able to do therapy and relaxation treatments really help calm me down in situations. I wish there were others ways to be able to treat anxiety and Mayne help others because I know it takes a huge tole on people to the point where it is hard to function and just live their life normally. Anxiety is scary and You're post really explains it perfectly.

  3. I enjoyed your post on generalized anxiety disorder. The video was very informative and so was the website. I take an interest in this topic since I am a person that deals with anxiety and this pandemic has only made it more difficult with having school online. This disorder definitely affects each person differently and mental health is so important during these tough times you did a great job explaining this disorder.