Coronavirus & Xenophobia

This article talks about how this whole coronavirus pandemic may have caused us to see a real life version of phobias. According to the article, there has been an increase of xenophobia. This makes sense because of the origin of the virus. I have even seen in my own community. The amount of precaution I see in customers in Shop Rite vs the Asian Supermarket is drastically different. It's not like every Asians person we see is infected with the Coronavirus, and even so- if you do not come into close contact and follow the CDC guidelines, you should be fine. This makes me wonder how long it will take before people will be able to treat Asians as normal people as opposed to disease infected rats again. 
Here is a video related to this: 
There's something spreading faster than the coronavirus...racism | USA TODAY


  1. This is a great point. I never really thought about how many phobias may now come from this pandemic. It is totally relatable to OCD in the sense that people fearing germs may completely be emphasized now!


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