Thursday, June 11, 2020

Contagious Behaviors

This article talks about different behaviors that are commonly contagious.  First things first, yawning. Everyone knows that when you yawn, more than likely there will be someone else in the room that will yawn alongside with you. Even watching someone yawn on tv or in a video can cause you to yawn yourself. Another common behavior that is contagious is frowning or crying. I know I personally can start to feel empathy once I see someone frowning or crying. I may start even crying myself. This also works for laughing and smiling. Children in fact may use some of these contagious behaviors in order to get what they want from someone.
Some of the other behaviors listed include rudeness in the workplace (which can explain why some workplaces have a reputation of chronic rudeness while others do not), the feeling of being cold, and taking risks.
7 Behaviors That Are Actually Contagious


  1. I found this exceptionally interesting considering the fact that the yawning aspect has happened to me when I was around multiple people who have yawned around me. As for the contagious behavior of frowning or laughing, emotions are very strong and can be triggered due to peoples energy. Many of these behaviors often send messages out and can be used in order to receive some type of feedback or attention.

  2. I find this very interesting. I was told in middle school that if you wanted to know if someone is staring at you, pretend to yawn, if they yawn too you know they were. As for emotions, I am the same way, as soon as i see someone else crying my eyes immediately start to water up too. I think taking risks is an interesting contagious behavior too. It reminds me of the saying, "if your friends jump off a bridge will you?" It's like cliff jumping, if I saw they made it out okay I would probably do it too!

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  4. I found this to be very much relatable especially when speaking about the behaviors in the workplace. A customer or co-worker's bad mood would disrupt mine when it is targeted towards me. Especially when working in retail and dealing with mean and impatient customers. Also, I have always found it interesting that when one baby/child cries, the other follows after.