Bobo Doll Study post #1

The Bobo Doll study was an experiment created by Bandura. the experiment was conducted to see how children can learn through observation and how easy it is for them to imitate what they see. children were too observed adults acting aggressively towards bobo dolls which were inflammable toy dolls that would come back up when pushed down. the study found that the children did in fact imitate what those adults were doing to the dolls, especially if they were put in the same room as the previous adult model was. children performed the same acts while using the same weapons. furthermore, the children that saw the models get punished for their aggressive actions towards the dolls were less likely to perform those aggressive behaviors.


  1. This just goes to show that behaviors in children are taught as opposed to being innate. This is why we have to be careful with what children see among adults and what they watch on TV.

  2. Children often use this technique of imitating to display a sense of belonging. After all, humans are like animals, people must find a way to identify themselves and fit in. This instinctive behavior of copying what adults do is also used as a way for children to learn. Negative reinforcement is a great way to assure that the child is not as likely to perform the same action again or learn from it.


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