The Media's Effects on Body Image

It is no secret that the media plays a big part in our society today, and with that being said, I wanted to blog about the effects the media has on body image for our society. Although there is no single cause of body dissatisfaction, but research is increasingly clear to lead us to believe the media does it part in pressuring our society to be like the "Norm" Most commercial you see for any product stars an actress or actor who is typically skinny. The media rarely will portray anyone as bigger, because that is not the "norm." Certain body imagery has been portrayed in media dating as far back as WWII, boosting the thiner and thinner body image as the ideal for women. I feel it wrong that media has such a strong hold on the way young people see themselves, at some point, enough must be enough.

Take a look at the short video about the effects media has on body image.



  1. Donald, this is great topic to talk about. I am a person that does not have Facebook and barely ever watches TV. The way the media effects people is really sad. Last semester I wrote a paper about how the media is related to eating disorders. It is so sad that the media has such a negative effect on so many young people. The messages that commercials show is not reality, and like your video said 1 out of every 3.8 commercials is about beauty. Great topic!

  2. I loved that you picked this topic of the media's effects on body image. Not only is it a very prevalent issue, but it is one that often effects people without them realizing that it is. It is unfortunate that the media can't/won't break the cycle of the very shallow "acceptable" body imagery.

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