Chained Schedules

        A chained schedule is when there are two or more scheduled requirements that are in place. With one schedule occuring at a time, however, they are in a specified sequence. Usually there is a cue that is presented to signal a specific schedule. This is happening as long as the schedule is occuring. For this to occur there are reinforcements. The reinforcement for the first component is the presentation of the second one. The reinforcement doesn't occur till the final compenent is performed. According to our text, Introduction to Learning and Behavior, an efficient way to estabolish responding on a chain schedule is to train the final link first and the initial link last, this is known as a process called backward chaining (Powell, 2013, p. 290).
         What really caught my eye was the pictures at the bottom of page 291. One is a dog pushing a shopping cart and the other is a squirrel. water skiing. These pictures made me want to know how it is possible to teach an animal how to do such behaviors. That is why I wanted to read more about chained schedule.

Check out some videos I found on you tube of how chained schedules can be taught to animals.
  Dog pushing a shopping cart

dog tricks
Pigeon study.


  1. Your beautiful video just made be enjoy how much life has to present. We learn so much and this power helps us train dogs to do wonderful things.
    Well done Erika. Best of luck in class.


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