Aversion Therapy

Aversion therapy was mentioned in the classical conditioning chapter. It is used to limit or eliminate undesired behaviors. The treatment process involves reducing desire and attraction of events with an aversive stimulus. It is commonly used with substance abuse. Antabuse is a drug that makes a person vomit with the presence of alcohol. Also, it is common to use with pedophiles in their action urges. This is an aversive stimuli reducing the desire of alcohol with the vomiting. Covert conditioning is aversion therapy without the real stimuli. It is imagining the aversion instead of the real aversive stimuli. Another example shown in the media of aversion therapy is attempted by Phoebe Buffay in the show, Friends. In the video below, the aversion therapy is between 1:20 to 2:39. The video shows Phoebe helping Rachel get over her ex-boyfriend, Ross. The ex-boyfriend is the desired attraction stimuli that Phoebe is trying to decrease. The aversive stimuli was Phoebe hitting Rachel while she looked at the photo of Ross. It was not the most effective treatment, but it involved the basic elements of aversion therapy.

1:20 to 2:39


  1. When reading about aversion therapy I found it so interesting and the video that you attached to your post is a perfect video that people can make a connection with, since the show Friends if popular and it's an example of hoe aversion therapy can work!

  2. As a huge Friends fan, I enjoyed that video as an example of aversion therapy. It's a comical and accurate example that can show anyone how to use aversion therapy. Aversion therapy is a form of psychological treatment in which the patient is exposed to a stimulus while simultaneously being subjected to some form of discomfort, in this case, Phoebe hitting Rachel. Great post!

  3. Loved that video! Perfect example of relating aversion therapy to a tv show that many people are familiar with. It shows how common aversion therapy is and how it is used in different ways. Excellent post, very relatable.

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