Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bandura's Social Learning Theory

After looking into chapter 1 the introduction of the 5 schools of Behaviorism, I took an interest into Bandura, and his social learning theory. I grasped that his theory stemmed off of the basis that people learn from one another. People learning from other people happen in various ways, observation, imitation, and modeling.

In our textbook it states on pg 28., that Albert Bandura’s social learning theory was a strong step in the right direction of Tolman’s cognitive behaviorism. Some would even say the theory was a bridge way between behaviorist and cognitive learning.  Bandura’s most famous investigation concern the influence of observational learning on aggressive behavior. Bandura’s focused on broad behavior patterns and emphasized the distinction between learning and performance.  

It was Bandura’s opinion on how people learn from one another, that really peaked my interest, I am firm believer that people learn from one another. This is an example of the saying, people are a product of their environment. That is people learning from one another, that is people learning through observation and imitation.

Check out the picture below, highlighting the social learning theory of leaning through observation.