Friday, June 23, 2017


In Chapter 3, the book mentions that reflexes are the most basic form of elicited behavior. A reflex is a simple, automatic response to a stimulus. Some reflexes only involve one gland or set of muscles, like when an individual salivates in response to a drop of lemon juice. Other reflexes require more muscles, like the startle response. For example, if you see a baseball heading in your direction, most individual's automatic reflex would be to get out of the way. The orienting response is when we automatically position ourselves to facilitate attending to a stimulus. This is when we hear a sudden or unfamiliar noise behind us, and we turn around. There is also the flexion response where we move our hand or foot away from something hot or sharp.

Some individuals have quick reflexes, while others are not up to speed. Below is a link to a website where you can practice your reflexes and see how quick you are! The computer will program the results immediately and have them available for you.

Reflex Test


  1. I really enjoyed the link you had to the reflex test! I was able to see how my reflexes were. At first, I had to get used to clicking start then stop but after I was better. I found that it was easier to have a fast reflex on the darker colors. There was one color that was the lightest blue and I almost didn't see it. I got a really slow reflex for that.

  2. After reading over your post on reflexes and taking your reflexes test, I have come to the conclusion I need to work on my reaction time. The test showed me I was super slow reacting to the colors. Truth be told, the first reaction, I didn't realize it started, and my reaction time was so super slow.

  3. This topic is very interesting, reading made me think of word flinching. I am always very jumpy, if someone comes from behind me or touch me without my awareness I always flinch. So I wonder how related reflexes and flinching are. I believe I have good reflexes, I remember driving home from school one day and I was exhausted and I didn't realize how close I was to a vehicle in front of me, so I had to break really quick, and I remember in that moment very pleased with my reflexes. It seems like most of discovering your reflexes happens in almost tragic moments, its not something you realize you have until your in a situation of life of death. Reflexes is like that last minute decision you make, that will determine whether you save or hurt yourself.

  4. This is a very entertaining post, and I feel like it relates to everyone. Simply because everyone in the world has reflexes for certain situations and scenarios. For example when ever I get home, I can almost always scare my mom. All I have to do is say hi when she is not ready for it, and she screams and turns around. Her reflex is to scream when she isn't expecting anyone to be home.