What are Phobias?

    Phobias are an uncontrollable, irrational and lasting fear of a certain object or situation. This fear causes an overwhelming emotion and often time causes anxiety and panic attacks. Even when there is no danger presented, people with phobias feel as if they are in a life or death situation. More than 19 million people in America experience phobias from the mild to severe range.

    Phobias happen in early childhood but aren't seen until ages 15 and 20. They affect both men and women but men are normally who reach out for treatment. Phobias are caused by both genetics and environmental factors. Certain phobias can be linked to events prior that caused a fear in the person. Mental health doctors don't know yet if it was the first encounter but they know that it can be caused by prior experience. Overall, Phobias still need to be learned more about and we are finding things out everyday.


  1. Hi Haley! Very interesting blog post, I've always wondered when phobias were developed and why. Now that I think back on my life, I have an extreme phobia of sharks and now it makes sense as to why because my father would play Jaws on the television when I was younger on repeat.


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