The effects of ADHD on Educational Outcomes

 ADHD is characterized by an inability to pay attention, hyperactivity or both. It is said that being diagnosed with ADHD has had numerous negative affects of students and their education. With many experiments it was found that children diagnosed with ADHD have a higher probability of grade repetition and being enrolled in special education. With that being said there are many ways school systems should change to help those suffering from ADHD. 

One of the first ways a school can change is to not base a students educational level based on a standardized test. Students with ADHD may have trouble sitting and paying attention to a packet or computer screen for long periods of times. This can impact the grade they get on these test and potentially hold them back a grade. By not having standardized testing be a factor of a students educational level, it would be a good start into changing they ways of the school system. What to Do When ADHD Struggles Emerge in School


  1. This is such a great post! We really have shifted too far with all the standardized testing we do on kids. Hopefully more students can get the proper screenings and accommodations they need as we become more educated on this topic.

  2. Hi Jayden! I really liked everything that you had to say and agree with a step in the right direction towards a better educational system. I feel as though ADHD as well as other learning disorders tend to be overlooked in educational settings as it would involve individuals to take further steps in classrooms to ensure that all students can receive the best education with proper resources readily available.

  3. Hi Jayden. I appreciate you post on ADHD. I am currently interning at Counseling Center for kids that specializes in Children with special needs. Everyday I see the struggles kids have with ADHD in school and I have learned the importance of having the right resources. Children that struggle with learning need to be in the right school system with the correct amount of support that they need to succeed. I see some kids in schools that provide no extra help to kids that need it and it is heart breaking to see the struggle when the solution could be so simply. Great post!


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