The Role of Avoidant Behavior on Social Anxiety


Social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders in the United States. It emerges in early childhood, or early adulthood. Social anxiety involves the persistent fear of negative evaluation of social or performance situations. A person fears that they will begin to panic during the event and embarrass themselves in front of a crowd of people. This study shows the role of avoidance behavior using exposure based treatments to treat social anxiety. The study tested young women and most of the women revealed to struggle with public speaking, or speaking to people of authority.

The people in the study went through exposure based treatments to help them with their avoidance behavior. In the study they found that exposure based treatments helped a lot in regards to social anxiety. The results were extremely positive. Social anxiety is something that quite a few people struggle with. With exposure based treatment, people were able to be a bit better around social situations. 

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