Monday, June 12, 2023

ADHD and Learning Disorders

     ADHD holds many kids back from reaching their full potential in the classroom and today especially many kids struggle with this. ADHD stands for attention deficit/hyperactivity, and this speaks for itself on what it does to kids. I believe that it is way more common now because it can be genetic and many of us are addicted to our phones. We all go on our phones for hours a day and this results in us being constantly entertained so when it is time to learn if we find it boring in any capacity we immediately want to do something else and lose attention to the task at hand. Although this may seem like a learning disorder it is not considered one because in order to be a learning disorder it must directly impact a person's reading, writing, or math. 
There is a wide variety of learning disorders in the DSM-5 and all of them cause kids to struggle to learn as fast as the other kids. Some of these disorders do have cures though and there are ways around them. For example, if someone has dyslexia there is no cure, but they can acquire an individual plan to help them use certain tools to make their reading and writing easier. One of the most beneficial ways to help dyslexic people is multisensory activities in the classroom so they can get a better understanding. With proper accommodations kids with disabilities can thrive just as much as their peers.


  1. I think this topic is extremely important for everyone to know, especially parents. With more parents being aware of ADHD or any disorder can benefit children's lives and their performance at school and in general. If parents could look out for symptoms, they might be able to get their child the help they need faster. I grew up with a lot of friends who looking back had many symptoms of ADHD and did not get treated until high school and saw a drastic difference in their work.

  2. Hi Sebi, great post! I'm glad you emphasized the need for proper accommodations among kids with disabilities so they can thrive as much as their peers. It would be very difficult for these kids to thrive if they don't have proper accommodations for their disability.

  3. Hi Sebi,
    I really liked reading your blog. I also did a blog on ADHD in children and I believe it is a very important topic to understand. Knowing the symptoms of ADHD and how to help can benefit that person's life forever. It is important to know the signs of ADHD, especially in children, because you can get them diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, which will make life much easier and can help avoid many problems. It is important to treat ADHD as fast as possible, especially in children, since they are so young and still growing everyday.