Irrational Phobias

 Many people experience irrational phobias, which are irrational fears of random activities, animals, situations etc. This can be genetic, or from a traumatic experience, and once it is developed it can be hard to overcome it. People will go as far as getting therapy in an attempt to overcome their fears to improve their quality of life. These fears can hurt people's day to day lives so it is important to treat them. No one should have to go through their day and worry about something super small like this.

The most common phobias are heights, spiders, snakes, and tight spaces. These make sense because you can be in danger, or just super uncomfortable in any situation with one of those examples. Some irrational phobias are the fear of beards, hair, clothing, mirrors, etc. These fears are irrational because they are not putting you in any sort of discomfort or danger. There also may be no reason for the fear which makes it even more irrational because some people are just scared of everyday things that can’t harm them in any way. It is necessary for these people to get the proper attention because it can ruin their ability to even step outside which is not good for anyone.