Types of Psychology?

I have taken a few Psychology classes during my time at Stockton, and one issue continues to arise while I am learning to be a psychology professional. The issue that I am speaking of is labeling. Every professor and text book I read, talk about how certain Psychologist are Freudians, Berneians, or follow some previous popular Psychologist's theories. The question that I continuously ask myself is, why?

My best guess is that, different psychologist use different definitions to arise at the same diagnosis. Personality disorders aren't defined differently among the founding fathers of Psychology, but they all may arrive at the same diagnosis differently. Each one of them also have different approaches in treatment and different ways in completing studies. We saw this when we had a number of different branches of Behaviorists in the first chapter. Each one of these men had different beliefs and approaches to behaviorism but still arrived at many of the same conclusions.

I can't say that is post is extremely informative, but I would like to know what everyone thinks about the subject.


  1. I think about this kind of stuff often. It's all about personal perspective and can be found in a lot of places. I know mechanics who will try to diagnose a problem very differently. People may take different routes to reach the same, or more interestingly, similar conclusions (more interesting because we can test theories!). The whole naming this is a little ridiculous though, and it makes learning difficult when there are different ways to describe the same thing (consider brain mapping).


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