Contagious Behavior and Social Media

After reading about contagious behavior in our book, I decided to research contagious behaviors and social media. Personally, when I am on social media, if I read something that is happy, I get really happy, or if I see something motivating, then I get myself motivated. This is more of emotion but they are related. I was interested to see if this has to do with contagious behaviors. Research showed that emotions can be contagious by using social media. Facebook did a study where they deleted thousands of positive posts on peoples feeds and then thousands of negative posts. On the feeds that they deleted the positive posts, the peoples new posts became more negative. If the negative posts are deleted, then it is more likely for the people to have positive emotions. I thought this was very interesting because we live in a world so much with social media, and I think it is important to think about all of the things that could influence their mood.


  1. I find it very interesting that Facebook did that experiment; however, I am not surprised by their results. People seem to always be effected by those who are around them and it wouldn't make sense for emotions to be any different. I enjoyed the section about contagious behavior because as you said social media being so premonition make a huge difference in the way people read each other. Negativity is something we must all be cautious of and we must realize that not everything on social media should be taken literally as too many feelings can get lost in it.

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