Thursday, June 25, 2015

Activity anorexia signs and effects

In our books, it talks about the concept of "activity anorexia". This is something that is becoming more prevalent every day in people. I talked to some professionals at the gym I go to, and they told me that this is something that is becoming more and more popular. I went online to do more research and found out that there are several signs for someone with an exercise disorder. These signs include:
1. Becoming preoccupied with exercise and weight loss
2. Closely tracking how many calories they burn when working out.
3. Becoming anxious and angry or feeling guilty when missing a scheduled workout.
4. Measuring yourself to see how think you are after a workout.
5. Seeing your body differently than others.
6. Becoming angry or defensive if someone suggests that your exercising habits are extreme.

One thing that I learned is that size is not a clear indicator of a person with an exercise disorder. A person can be normal or overweight and still have an exercise disorder. If you are trying to pinpoint if someone has an exercise disorder, their attitudes are a better indicator than their size. Some of the effects of eating disorders include: heart problems, weakened bones and joints, respiratory issues, and a weak immune system. Almost no gyms across the country offer help for people with exercise disorders also! People are extremely nervous to approach the situation.

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