Post #2 - Animals and Language

For decades, animals have been studied to better understand not only their social circles but the way they communicate with each other as well. Many mammals including dolphins and chimps have a way of communicating with one another and sometimes humans, in order to get their wants and needs met. Although chimps do not have the proper anatomy to be able to talk, they have been taught sign language successfully. Many even began using the signs they were taught on their own. This shows that some animals do have the capability of cognitive skills to some degree. Much like chimps, dolphins have the cognitive ability to understand and communicate with their environment. If you have ever been to a zoo, or aquarium, you can see evidence of this. Even though the animals in captivity are not necessarily in the same situations that would be found in the wild, you can see how the mammals interact with not only their environment but their trainers as well. When I do to a zoo, one of my favorite things to do is watch the monkeys. I find it truly amazing to watch monkeys and see how human like they really are.

Honey, L. P., Powell, R. A. . A., Symbaluk, D. G. and Powell (2013) Introduction to Learning and Behavior. United States: CENGAGE Learning Custom Publishing


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