Animal Behavior & Communication

The chapter that stuck out to me the most in this book was chapter 8 which addresses animal behavior.  Animals are commonly seen as less intelligent by most of society because they are not humans and cannot communicate in the same caliber that human can; however, they are more inventive and brilliant then most people take the time to realize.

The animal that I can relate to the most is the horse as I am continually surrounded by them on a day to day basis and the communication they have with one another is absolutely outstanding to witness.  I will never forget the early morning when the two young horses in the group were running around and causing a ruckus. The alpha of the group walking calmly to his "right hand man" and went head to head with his, as if having some silent mind reading meeting.  Next thing you know, the right hand man is nicely trotting over to both youngsters and having the same head to head meeting.  Lastly, the two youngest went and had their meeting with the alpha and all the ruckus was then resolved.  It was astonishing to me to witness the most "silent" correction and it made me think about how many humans go about correction in such a harsh manner.  Just because we can yell and scream and fight doesn't  mean that is the best way to go about solving a problem.


  1. I have a german shepherd/border collie dog who is a little under two years old. He can, has, and will outsmart and manipulate humans.

    My dream job is to study animal behavior. There is something going on between those horses that we need to figure out!


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