The Language of 2024

    This year I have realized a lot about how the world views different areas of life. When you look around, people interact differently, react differently, and hold different moral values. These changes are hard to navigate, especially since things used to seem much simpler. If this is how adults are feeling, I can't help but wonder about the impact on children while maintaining their thoughts. Unlike adults, children do not have the same networking skills, which means they require more guidance throughout their years of growing up. In saying this, looking at school districts, I can see they are not doing a good job of directing the children down the path they should. Mental health rates are worse than ever, and the stigma behind it will not change unless the minds of the youth are constructed better. In addition, they should be able to freely construct their views on different topics where school districts and the public shove down their thoughts. The confusion in the children's brains is no more complicated than in an adult's brain.

    Having said this, adults in authority positions, especially under the care of a child, need to think about how the world is changing. Although going about different situations was simpler years ago, there is no changing what is going to happen in the years coming. Because of this, people need to decide if they want to change with everyone or be left in this state of confusion. I view 2024 as a year where a world, full of people, are trying to overcome years of traumatic experiences through love and acceptance. Collectively, as a nation, we need to keep up to date with not only adult mental health but the children who are experiencing the dark world we live in today while also trying to maintain what they are expected to do. 


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  1. You're considering the extent of the world's transformation and how it impacts both adults and children. It's critical to assist kids overcome these obstacles and develop strong mental health. Together, let's try to provide a kind and understanding environment where they can thrive.


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