Positive Reinforcement

 The use of rewards or good outcomes to reinforce and enhance the probability of an individual's behavior's recurrence is known as positive reinforcement, which is a well known concept in psychology. Positive reinforcement occurs by providing something good or rewarding after a behavior occurs. This helps the individual associate the behavior with something rewarding and therefore will cause the individual to repeat the behavior.   

   The reason positive reinforcement is so successful is its capacity to establish a causal relationship between actions and their outcomes. A person is more likely to repeat a behavior in order to keep receiving positive reinforcement, which can take the form of praise, a treat, or a reward, after the behavior. This reinforces the brain connections linked to the behavior, making it more likely to happen again in future situations that are similar. 

    Positive reinforcement is helpful in life because it helps individuals with changing their behaviors. For example if an individual is struggling to achieve something they can begin to use positive reinforcement to change their behavior. Due to its successful outcomes I agree with the concept of positive reinforcement. I believe that it should be used in all areas since it promotes good behavior. 

Positive reinforcement has been proven to help individuals learn behavior. I have attached a link that explains the science behind positive reinforcement and why it works. 



  1. I agree too that positive reinforcement is effective. Great blog post, I found it very interesting!

  2. I believe rewards for doing things can help positively.


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