Positive Reinforcement in Classrooms


Positive reinforcement can be a good thing in classrooms because it can encourage good behaviors from students, and it can help students with academic achievements. With positive reinforcement, it involves with rewarding students when doing well on assignments or doing well on tests, and this can have a positive impact on them and can also improve students' self-esteem, and motivate them to do better in their classes. However, if there is a negative reinforcement in the classroom, then this can have a bad impact on students and can cause low self-esteem and not doing well on tests or assignments, and thus doing poorly in academics. Overall, positive reinforcement should be seen as a good tool because it can benefit students to do well in class and can improve them.

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  1. Positive reinforcement is really effective and before learning about it I had no idea that the techniques teachers used had a name. I think overall it is a good tool and it should be used more frequently.


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