How Avoidance Behavior Contributes To Anxiety In Children


Avoidance behavior can give children anxiety and this can make problems worse and it can also affect them in a negative way. When a child avoids a certain situation that can make them anxious or put them in an uncomfortable situation or even if the child avoids a certain activities, this can make the child to feel uneasy about it, and this will only limit their ability to overcome their fears, and this is what the article is talking about. It is also important that for parents to help their children to face any fears that they may have, and helping them will reduce the anxiety.

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  1. I completely agree that avoidance behavior can present serious problems and actually cause worry in kids. Children who habitually steer clear of uncomfortable or anxiety-inducing events or chores lose out on opportunities to develop resilience and coping skills.

  2. I completely agree that parents should try and help out their children with their fears as much as they can especially because they are the people they would most likely trust the most. Anxiety is really hard to deal with and with avoidance behavior that only makes it worse because they are only going to keep avoiding the issue at hand. It's really difficult to stop doing it though and it takes time to get out of that.


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