Systematic Desensitization and Panic Disorders


Treatments for Panic Attacks | Adult Panic Disorders

    There are many different types of phobias that people can experience and struggle from. Oftentimes these people can struggle to treat and ultimately get over these irrational fears. One of the most common ways to “get over” a phobia is through systematic desensitization. Simply put this involves firstly relaxing your muscles, then identifying your hierarchy of fears, and lastly slowly exposing yourself to your fear in stages so you can become desensitized to the fear.

    When it comes to panic disorders, systematic desensitization has been proven to be a useful technique. Intensely focusing on one’s breathing by taking deep slow breaths instead of shallow rapid breathing can be an excellent first step to lowering the effect of a panic attack. By doing this before introducing the item or situation that causes irrational fearful feeling, the individual is less likely to have a full blown panic attack. After calming oneself down, the phobia may be introduced slowly until it is completely desensitized. 

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