Negative Reinforcement at home


Negative reinforcement in the context of parenting and household refers to the process where removing or avoiding a punishing stimulus increases the chances of a wanted behavior being repeated. This idea is fixed in behaviorism which suggests that behaviors that lead to the end of unpleasant experiences are reinforced, thereby becoming more frequent over time. 

An example of incorrectly used negative reinforcement is when you cook for your child and the child throws a tantrum and you take the food away which causes the child to throw tantrums every time they don't like something you or someone else gives them because they learned it from when you took the food away. Using Negative Reinforcement at home can be a great tool for fixing behavior problems.PsychCentral talks about how negative reinforcement has more in common with positive reinforcement than punishment. An example of punishment is when you tell your child to clean their room but they don't so you tell them about a timeout until they clean their room. Negative Reinforcement is when you tell your child to clean their room but they don't do so when they wake up you take their video games away and they clean the room up to get it back.