Positive Reinforcement In The Classroom

 9 Tips For Building A Positive Learning Environment From Day One | Georgia  Public Broadcasting

      Many teachers use positive reinforcement in their classrooms whether they realize it or not. This reinforcement is categorized as using pleasant stimuli to encourage desirable behavior. Positive reinforcement can be divided into classical and operant conditioning. In classical conditioning, behavior is generally seen as involuntary and inflexible whereas operant is voluntary and flexible. When it comes to sequences, classical follows a stimulus-stimulus -response or SSR and operant follows a stimulus-response-stimulus or SRS sequence.

    Using positive reinforcement in the classroom specifically can motivate students, improve behavior, and better academic performance among other things. PositiveAction breaks positive reinforcement in the classroom into three different techniques; social reinforcement, privilege based reinforcement, and tangible reinforcement. I feel as though social reinforcement is the most effective. For example, social reinforcement can be as simple as writing “Keep up the excellent work!” on a students’ homework. 

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  1. Great post on the benefits of positive reinforcement in the classroom! Your definition of positive reinforcement was clear and concise. I can think of several ways positive reinforcement is used in classrooms for all ages and agree that if properly used it can motivate students and improve their behavior. I specifically agree with your statement on social reinforcement and how it can be the most effective.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post! I believe positive reinforcement is crucial in a classroom to keep students motivated. Teachers often do not know what is going on outside of their classroom or in a student's head. It is important to not engage any negative energy, especially in a learning environment, so that students can grow forward without any doubt.


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