Sunday, July 8, 2012

Systematic Desensitization

After reading about systematic desensitization, I realized that is a form of therapy I practice almost everyday.  Its a process of taking steps to relax someone and help reduce anxiety in fearful and stressful situations. A person masters relaxation techniques and imagines situations going from the least stressful to the most. I practice this technique of systematic desensitization when I engage in relaxing activities such as yoga and ballet. I occasionally think about things that give me anxiety while performing activities that calm me down and a relaxed mentality helps me look at the situation in a different way. A relaxed mindset also enables me realize what exactly about a situation makes me anxious, and being able to identify that helps me to fear it less. For some people relaxing is not easy, partly because their minds are constantly racing and its almost impossible for a person to stop on their own. That is a good reason why medications are sometimes prescribed to get people in a more relaxed mindset so they can work through their fears and anxieties. People are able to diminish or eliminate each fear by taking small steps. This video gives techniques to help reach a relaxed mindset

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  1. I've always been tempted to try yoga. I personally find exercise to be the best way of releasing stress and just feeling good in general. When I'm really stressed out I can swim a hundred laps and feel like a brand new person. I actually had to practice many relaxation techniques in a stress management class a few semesters ago and although they really did calm me down, I felt more tired than anything after each one. That's why I prefer exercise to relaxation techniques - no tired feeling afterwards.