Final Post

I definitely did learn a lot during this class. I like how a lot of subjects in the textbooks went into depth, and didn’t just skim through the topic. I really like learning about BF Skinner. I think he is fascinating with everything that he has done. The textbook also really went into depth about classical conditioning, a lot more than I have learned in other classes. I have never really learned about overshadowing, blocking and latent inhibition.  Overall, I liked learning more in depth about all the topics in the textbook and I liked that it went more in depth with certain psychologists. I think this class was a stress free class. I liked that we had plenty of time to be able to log on and post our blogs. I wasn’t stressed with this class even while I’m taking three other summer courses. I liked reading other student’s posts and videos as well. Some students have really good videos they post! 
I think my favorite part of the class was how to treat phobias. Phobias always fascinated me because I could never understand how someone could be deathly afraid of something, even if it is something like a ballon. I also thought it was interesting to see the amount of phobias there are, and what they are called. People can have a phobia of hair, cotton balls, or even jarred pickles. I never could understand where the fear starts from. In the textbook it was interesting to learn the different ways to cure a phobia whether that is systematic desensitization, flooding therapy or aversion therapy. Since I am a psychology major, this relates to my life because I would like to learn more about phobias and maybe help treat people that have severe phobias. Most of these phobias are so severe that it effects their daily life and the people cannot have a normal lifestyle. I would really be interested in learning more about the reasons why people have phobias and the best ways to cure them.
Here is a video clip from Maury “Fear of birds & Cotton Balls”