Saturday, July 7, 2012

Operant Conditioning

While reading over the textbook, I found the topic of Operant Conditioning to be most interesting. It is interesting how the laboratory environment-called a Skinner box was conducted.  It shows how the rats and pigeons behaved in a controlled environment by the light.  It shows how animals and humans have the relationships between reinforcement  and consequences.  It is true how positive reinforcement increases behavior and punishment decreases it.  It is human nature that we all act like this regardless if we are humans or animals.  It is amazing how smart the animals are to the experiment and how well they cooperate in the experiment.

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  1. I agree operant conditioning is the most interesting because it seems to be the most useful and most applicable to real-life situations. Once my summer classes end I'm hoping I can do some operant conditioning experiments on my dog and maybe even my brother.