Friday, July 13, 2012

Post #3 Punishment

I find the difference of positive and negative punishment to be interesting.  After working with children, it is clear that children respond differently to different ways of punishment. Positive punishment is when a behavior results in something someone doesn’t like and the person is less likely to behave that way again. One example of positive reinforcement is time out. Sometimes time out works great for kids, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. The child just wants even more attention. Negative punishment is the removal of a certain event following a response which leads to a decrease in the future strength of that response. One example of that is when your parents take your car away for missing your curfew or getting bad grades. I think this punishment is very successful because I’ve known what it is like to get my car taken away! It is the worst and I mad sure to improve my grades so that never happen again. 
This article I found interesting was from the super nanny website. She talks about how to make the “naughty step” work. She talks about how it is important to stay consistent with punishment and if the child continues bad behavior, to without speaking, place the child on the naughty step so that they learn their lesson. 

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