Journal 3 Chapter 12

Summary: In Chapter 12 details how humans develop and how ourselves as well as our environment can affect our choices. Developmental psychology not only deals with lifespan development in humans but a wide variety of topics. Biological tests can be performed to see how one fairs before and after the administered therapy. Childhood development is a huge area in developmental psychology. Also discussed was cognitive, social, and personality development.

Elements of Thought:
Implications- Theories of development. As you can see in this chapter there are many models and theories one can use for childhood/life development. Erikson, Piaget, Kholberg, and even Freud have their own interpretations on development. Also with new theories being presented in the field of developmental psychology, there may lie redundancies throughout theories. Maybe a more generalized consensus is needed?

Point of View- From the viewpoint of evolutionary psychology, people exhibit traits due to evolution. We also have built-in fear responses with certain stimuli (such as fear of darkness or large animals). We develop to survive, that rings true to those who  may be living with dissociative disorders. From a social psychology perspective we are raised to learn how to function in a society, but our environments can have a positive/negative effect on one’s ability to maintain relationships.

Assumptions- What can we assume developmental psychology aims to achieve? To help children with childhood traumas, find ways to undo what has already been done? Find new ways to implement social norms and expected behaviors, encourage conformity? Is there a possibility for developmental studies to help combat the pathology of autism as well as geriatrics?

Intellectual Standards:
Necessity- There is most certainly a necessity for more work in developmental psychology. Not only with children but with adults as well.

Clarity- Out of all of the theories discussed in this chapter the most clear and concise  was Erikson’s Stages of Development. Outlining birth to death with simple understandable concepts.

Validity- There have been studies throughout different areas of psychology that are reinforced by developmental theories. The concepts have been proven with concurring opinions by multiple researchers.

(Video of a woman suffering from MPD which shows developmental aspects of her illness...the extended version goes into further detail)