Friday, May 1, 2020

Chapter 18

The purpose of Chapter 18 is to highlight the weaponization of cynical interpretations of psychological findings in contemporary society. This chapter employed the concept of subliminal messaging as an advertising strategy. For example, the advertising industry weaponized the findings of subconscious messaging by placing subliminal messages in their ads which manipulated viewers to become more likely to buy the product. Another interesting misuse of psychological research is the predatory industry of self-help tapes. Tapes were advertised as a way to alleviate issues relating to a various of cognitive issues despite there being no empirical evidence supporting the claims made by the producers. The implications of this are that, while subliminal self-help tapes are no longer in fashion, advertising and other industries employ a more covert, sophisticated version of this in order to push their agenda, be it a political or profit driven one. An example comes from the anti-vaccination movement where misinformation is peddled by an authority on the subject and is then spread through social media.

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