Positive Reinforcement


Positive Reinforcement- Using a reinforcing stimulus to help behavior to occur repeatedly in the future.

For a personal example of positive reinforcement for me, I work in a school and also provide in-home  ABA therapy sessions with children on the spectrum. Positive reinforcement is a major part of ABA therapy, when a behavior occurs that is appropriate, children will be rewarded with a reinforcement  of their desire. That is also in ever day life. Children do their chores, they will be rewarded with allowance. Children finish their homework, they will be rewarded with their iPAD. We encourage positive reinforcement as a motivator for correct appropriate behavior to occur again in near future. It is for children to know that when they are doing the right thing, they will be rewarded with their favorite things, so therefore, they will continue to do so in the future.


  1. It is great that you pointed out how effective positive reinforcement can be for children on the spectrum (and just all children in general). You must be so busy not only working in a school, but doing in-home ABA sessions as well! :)

  2. My internship at CHOP's behavioral specialty center also uses positive reinforcement within ABA therapy and I am constantly amazed at just how effective it is. You're absolutely right about its effectiveness with children on the spectrum and I've also noticed that it is very effective on children with learning disabilities. I think that its application on various populations proves behaviorism to be a concrete natural science and there is so much undiscovered potential and uses that will develop in the future.


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