Thursday, June 7, 2018

Little Albert What happened to him

When I first learned about Little Albert when learning about fear I wondered what happened to him. In one of the chapters in the book it talks about fears and phobias and how the experiment they did on him, but it didn't talk about what happened later when the experiment was over. We know that he had a fear of white things, but you don't know how it affected him later in life. I found a video on YouTube which explains the experiment and also what might have happened to him. In the video I learned that Watson never did a follow up on Albert, he burned all of his findings, and that he never publicly revealed who Little Albert was. In 2010, they found who Little Albert was and unfortunately he died at age 6, and he was most likely still afraid of white things.


  1. I also remember learning about Little Albert when talking about phobias and fears. I never learned more about him other than the experiments Watson did on him. I was not aware that unfortunately Little Albert died at a young age. I wonder if when Little Albert grew up, if he would still be afraid of the monkey and bunny because of Watson making loud noises when they were presented to the baby.

  2. It was interesting to see how you did further research to find out what happened to this boy. After his experimentation it is so sad that he died, because it would have been interesting to see his fears now.

  3. Little Albert is so very well known by all psych students, it would be a shame if he did pass away so young. It is possible that Douglas Merritte was not the boy known as 'little Albert'! Either way the experiments were so long ago that it can be hard to determine after such a great length of time.