Bandura's Bobo Doll Experiment

The first time I had heard about the Bobo Doll Experiment was in my Intro to Psychology class. It was one of the most interesting subjects we had talked about and reading about it again for this class made me feel the same way! Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory talks about how people learn from others through observation. He conducted the Bobo Doll Experiment which showed the reactions of children to a Bobo Doll after watching the adults. I have children of my own and it's very important to watch what you say and do on a daily basis. It's amazing how much children mimic and try to be just like their parents; which is what the experiment shows.


  1. I agree it is very amazing to see how much children can learn by mimicking their parents. The Bobo doll experiment is a great example of how actions of a parent can really impact a child!

  2. Watching this experiment and seeing the results are not surprising at all! I agree that this is a very interesting topic. Anyone who has ever been around children knows you have to watch whatever you say and do. Their developing minds are like little sponges and they absorb their surroundings, often becoming a product of their environment.


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