Vervet Monkey Alarm Call

When reading the chapter comparative cognition I found it interesting when they were talking about the Vervet money and the alarm calls. I found a video on YouTube about the different calls that they have. If they see a hawk they run for the middle of the tree,  a snake they stand on their back legs, and scan the area and if they see a leopard they get in the trees. In the video it explains they have different calls for different predators, for instance,  when they see a leopard it is a much higher pitch sound then for the snake or hawk, and the snake is a higher pitch then the hawk. I found it interesting that they can distinguish between the sounds and know what to do when facing danger. This shows that animals do communicate and have their own language.


  1. I found it very interesting how Vervet monkeys have different alarm calls for different predators. The video was very educational in relating how we scream in situations that we face. I did not know that monkeys have different pitches for different animals to communicate so I learned from this post.

  2. I found it interesting to see how animals can all have their own languages, and how they aren't so different from humans after all. These monkeys can actually express emotion without even talking which I think is amazing. The brain can actually create ways for animals to communicate without having to use words which is so cool.


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