Masserman's Experimental Neurosis

In Chapter 9, one of the topics that really peaked my interest was Masserman's Experimental Neurosis. His experiment involved cats, however, it was compared to a disorder known as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for humans. This was interesting to read for me because my husband suffers from PTSD and even though I know what the symptoms are and why he has them, I didn't know how this diagnosis came about. In Masserman's experiment, electric shocks were used on cats and the outcomes were similar to the symptoms associated with PTSD.
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Similarities: restlessness, agitation, withdrawal, phobic responses.


  1. I find it interesting all of the different situations that can cause PTSD and the intensity of each person. I was surprised when I read about the electric shocks on cats because I am not a fan of research on animals but mainly that they caused similar symptoms as PTSD.

  2. Thank you for sharing! It is sad to think we had to find further information on this by experimenting on cats, but hopefully it has helped increase studies on PTSD. I know many people who suffer from it and the effect outside stimuli have had on them internally.


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