Monday, June 2, 2014

The other day I was watching the Dog Whisper. There was a dog that was scared of the treadmill due to the sound. They lived in the city so the dog didn't get much exercise, therefore the owner wanted him to walk on the treadmill. At first the dog was scared, running away, jumping back wards. The Dog Whisper used treats and his favorite toy to get him closer to the treadmill. All the way until the dog was on the treadmill than he turned it on and because now the dog associated the treadmill with his favorite toys and treats he had no problem being around it, or even walking on it. I thought it was interesting because you know that even when your scared of something its difficult to overcome, but with the right tools you can!


  1. Me and my family use to watch that show all the time. It was amazing how he trained animals and could get him to do what he wanted. After becoming a psych major I liked watching the show even more because I understood how he conditioned the dogs better and his methods.

  2. Jamie,

    That is an interesting story! Something similar is going on with my brother's pug. My brother's puppy is afraid of water and I told his girlfriend to use his favorite toys and treats to make him more comfortable with the water by associating it with his favorite things! Good post. Hopefully it will work with his dog too!


  3. I actually just got a puppy! so I've been using a little of what I know from conditioning and I even looked up a little to make sure i'm on the right track! great post.

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