PTSD experience

Accidents are a horrific experience that could change a persons life and in my case it did. A couple of years ago I was involved in a horrible car accident while in Virginia on vacation with my family. My aunt who resides there just had her son, so we went down for a visit. As we were there my grandma decided she wanted to go to the outlets to go shopping. My aunt said, sure lets go and you can just follow me. I hopped in my grandma's car and was ready to go. As we were on the four lane highway we noticed that a dump truck kept swerving towards us, so my grandma sped up. Next thing I know I heard the tires screeching and I looked over to see if my grandma was alright and our car was hooked onto the front of the dump truck. Our car disconnected itself and was thrown all over the highway slamming into the median. Needless to say, everyone that was involved in the accident was fine but we suffered minor injuries.

Now that I'm old enough to drive, when I am on a highway I relive that experience and my whole body cringes. Honestly, I don't even have to be the one driving, but when I see a dump truck I also relive the experience and get scared. I have anxiety from the accident and PTSD. Anything that happens on any given day that happened during the accident makes me relive that horrible experience.


  1. I am glad you and your family were all ok! PTSD can be a crippling thing and something that is talked about but I feel is taken for granted much of the time. Not many people realize how serious it actually is or ho easily it can take over someones life.


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