Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Negative and Positive Punishment



When I read the section about positive and negative punishment I was very confused by the difference of positive and negative punishment so I did some researching. I learn best and understand things when given examples. After some searching I found this video that some psych students put together and this website to give me a better understanding of the difference. If you guys had any confusion on this topic I hope that these websites help you!


  1. When I took my first psychology class I also got confused with positive and negative punishment. For some reason it was hard for me to understand the general concept. Thank you for the video it was a great refresher.

  2. This topic was very interesting to me because I work as a preschool teacher and I also have 4 year old twins of my own. In the classroom, we are always encouraged to use positive punishment versus negative punishment. It is amazing to see the difference in how the children respond when using the two. In my classroom, we going have a negative "time out chair." We have what I call a "calm down chair" and on that a chair a jar filled with water and glitter sits. When a child misbehaves, instead of telling them to go to time out, I ask them if they would like to relax in the calm down chair and shake the jar filled with glitter. The kids instantly are overcome with happiness and they shake and watch the glitter fall in the jar and they get up when they are ready!