Monday, June 30, 2014

Post #2 Non contingent schedules

The section on noncontingent schedules was very intriguing. When I first started reading I was thinking, "how could this manipulation of behavior result in any form of a conditioned response?!" Everything was so random so wouldn't the behavior be random? As I kept reading Skinners experiment with the pigeons caught my attention. While reading I actually laughed thinking to myself that these pigeons are ridiculous to think that spinning or swaying would result in the reinforcement! Then when I read about the professional athletes and card players my jaw dropped. I was so surprised by how humans could be susceptible to this CR.  But as I continued to think I remembered that I used to have a lucky bracelet, marble, and while taking a test I would need to sit in a certain area of the classroom.  I loved how they proved me wrong with thinking that this type of learning was irrelevant.

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