Monday, June 30, 2014

Post #1 OCD

I am very familiar with OCD and how it can affect a persons everyday life. I myself was in denial of having this disorder. I thought that OCD meant you had to hit something five times and if you didn't you would feel anxious and stressed, so I always assumed I didn't have it. I would say to myself, "I'm just very organized and picky about where things are." It wasn't until I noticed it affecting my family and friends that I had to stand back and really evaluate myself. This didn't start happening until after hurricane Sandy hit. It took a toll on my family and my stress level was higher than ever. I would freak out if someone folded the blanket wrong, or didn't put their shoes in the right order. The list of things that would make me anxious kept growing and soon almost everything had to be done my way or I would feel extremely uncomfortable. I could see and hear myself and I would hate my reactions to these "insignificant" things, but I couldn't stop the behavior. I was getting out of control, my friends were walking on eggshells around me. I finally sought help and I'm doing much better. There are days where my OCD "kicks-in" more than others but I've learned ways to control it and I can now live with my OCD. I can now say I control my OCD and it does not control me.

I found the one section on OCD very interesting because it was relatable. The one section that touched on control of thoughts and events really hit home for me.  My therapist and I worked on that the most because that was a big source of my anxiety and OCD.

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