Radical Behaviorism-

Radical Behaviorism was introduced by B.F. Skinner, saying that the environment has the biggest influence on behavior. He says that internal events do not explain behavior, but that internal thoughts and feelings in themselves must be explained.

For example- If you are on a cruise ship and the boat begins to rock because of high seas- you feel nervous. But why do you feel nervous? Millions of people take cruises every year and there are high seas all the time. Do you begin to feel nervous because you have heard that one story about the cruise ship that sank because of high seas or that unexplained rouge wave? or do you simply feel nervous because in your environment you are experiencing high seas?

Think about it...


  1. I enjoyed this particular post because it was short but got to the point. I know of a woman who is afraid to go on bridges because of stories that she has heard of fallen bridges or even that i say about a couple of years ago in Jersey City, NJ two policeman died on a bridge on a foggy morning due to the bridge still being up from the boats passing. Its just a mental aspect that they believe in will happen to them


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