Positive Reinforcement in children

Positive reinforcement is an important tool is helping to build your child's self esteem. It is important that it is used properly in order to help strengthen the desired response. If it is overused it may lead to the child looking for the reinforcement and not concentrating on learning the desired behavior. Here is a good video that demonstrates this.....


  1. I think this is a challenging balance to find. It's so easy to want to reward a child for little tasks that should become second nature for them. For example making their bed, or cleaning up their room...

  2. You should always use positive reinforecement with children, with any little accomplishment they make. I am a preschool teacher and a mother and use this very often. Negative reinforcement is also very important.

  3. I agree with the woman in the video because I can now understand how over-rewarding can be unhealthy for the child. I think that over-praising your child may leave him/her with a big ego instead of teaching them to be humble.


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