Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Final Project Post

This class explained so many things to me that I often have sat and thought about but never knew that their was an explanation that went with it. Everything that we do as people has a purpose and makes perfect since after you really read and analyze the things that are going on around you. This course really broke down learning to me in a whole new light. When learning about classical and operant conditioning in other classes I never knew that there was a lot of information being left out because of the sake of the class. While reading the lecture slides for this class I understand how both operant and classical conditioning so so important. Not just for running experiments and testing different reactions but in everyday life. Things that we experience on a daily basis is conditioning us in one of another way to get ready for what might possibly be ahead of us whether it be good or bad.
It was very interesting to learn how fear is much more that what the mind tells us it is. Yes everybody is scared of some things but not everyone feels fear in the same ways. A phobia is an extreme fear that I always looked at like a game but in reality it is no laughing matter. The brain is extremely complex and just to have an idea of how he learn things and see things through different windows is extremely exciting to me.
Although the class as a whole was very beneficial and I acquired a lot of knowledge that I did not have before, my favorite topic was learning about OCD. I have always been fascinated with this particular disorder because deep down I really think my father suffers from this. His case is not as extreme as the people that are often talked about and looked at on an everyday basis, but it is pretty bad. Nothing can every be out of place with him. He is the true definition of a neat freak and sometimes it can be really nerve wrecking. A have always looked at OCD as an anxiety disorder and nothing else, even though avoidance does make sense when you actually think about it but without learning it from this class I would not have had the slightest clue of that even happening. People are suffering with all different types of OCD. Once again the brain is really a fascinating object. It is pretty cool in a weird way how one person's brain can trick them into having this extreme fear or compulsive behavior about something, and everyone else around them has never experienced anything to such an extreme. This class really opened my eyes to how unique people really are.

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  1. I am so glad I do not have serious OCD. I do little things like check the oven five times after i use it and even that drives me crazy!! i can not imagine having to deal with OCD every day of my life. scary