Saturday, July 10, 2010

Final Project Post

I have taken many psychology courses over my college carreer, being that my major is psychology. After taking this course and reading the text I could almost kick myself for not taking it sooner. I must say that I will most likely keep the textbook for further refrences because I learned so much from it and have even used some of the things I have learned already in my everyday life. Wheter it be how to parent my daughter or the reason my guniea pig squeals when she hears the fridge open, I have learned a lot.
My favorite part of the course would have to be classical conditioning. I know that classical conditioning is part of almost every college psychology course you will take but it still interests me everytime. I am actually in the process of classical conditioning my kitten. My fiance and I just recently got a kitten for our daughters third birthday. We got the kitten around the same time that I started this course, which sort of provoked me to classically condition my kitten. So, I have started a very simple experiment where I ring my guniea pigs bell rite before I feed the kitten. So far it has not worked but I am sure that it will with much persistance. I also have come to the conclusion that it probably has not worked because first, it is too soon and two because she has been wearing a bell around her neck on her collar since the day that we got her.
Here is a video of a cat being classically conditioned and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed this class.

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