Monday, May 23, 2022


Phobias are more common than we think. Think to yourself, what is something that I fear and avoid? For some, this could simply mean a fear of spiders or a fear of flying in an airplane. Something I learned after further research, was that there are other phobias most people are unaware of. Examples of less common phobias include the fear of elevators, enclosed rooms, etc. Phobias can be anything because it is essentially the uncontrollable sense of an irrational and lasting fear. 

I think it is important to educate others about phobias in order to understand the fears of other people and the fears that they have. I have read that about 19 million Americans have one or more phobias. This really put into perspective for me just how common it is to have a phobia. As well as anything mental health related, phobias are nothing to be ashamed of.,the%20source%20of%20this%20fear.

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  1. Growing up I always thought that phobias were just something people were scared of. It was not till college where I learned how much this could impact a person, you did an excellent job on explaining it to us!