Monday, May 23, 2022

Operant Conditioning


    Operant Conditioning is also known as Instrumental Conditioning. In this type of conditioning, I have learned that both humans and animals are able to learn through getting rewards and avoiding punishments. Most of us are familiar with the concept, but were previously unaware of its name. There are four quadrants of Operant Conditioning: Positive Punishment, Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, and Negative Punishment. 

As I studied this theory, I was able to compare it to the way that I had trained my German Shepherd dog back at home. In order to teach him different commands, like raising his paw, I would reward him. Whenever he would raise his paw, he would be rewarded with treats in order to form an association to help him learn the command. This type of conditioning is effective and I can say that from first-hand knowledge. 


  1. Hey, I did a similar post as you. Great insights and you did show a great example experiencing it first hand.

  2. I did a similar post about operant conditioning and I thought that the example of you training your dog was a good example with details to allow people to understand the concept more.