Tools (post 2)

I really never thought about animals using tools. I always tools were something that humans created to make tasks easier. It was really cool to see that animals were intelligent enough to use their resources as tools. On the left is a sear otter using a rock to open up a clam to eat. In the center is Betty the crow who on her own was able to create a bucket and a wire to retrieve water from the well. On the right it looks like the monkey is using a stick as a scratcher just like us humans have back scratchers today.


  1. I was actually wandering the internet the other day and found this link

    I was shocked that the text would bring it up!

  2. That's really cool. After I saw you otter post I looked it up on Youtube to see it. It's amazing. How are they so smart!

  3. Thanks yea I never thought animals were capable of thinking like that!

  4. It is amazing to see how throughout the animal kingdom, animals use tools in order to make their own lives easier and adapt to various challenges in nature. Interesting post.


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