Bandura Social Learning (BIG DADDY)

The BoBo doll experiment by Albert Bandura really stuck with me. I didn't realize how much watching adults could affect learning. I started looking around on YouTube and one of my favorite movies Big Daddy showed up. It was funny to see this idea of social learning used in a modern day comedy. I enjoyed watching both videos, but it also made me realize how much the nurture factor can affect a person from a young age.


  1. I think it hit me some point after I graduated basic training. I was at my parents house and realized a few things that just seemed off. Like where things were left, and what my brothers reactions to realistic questions like can you take the trash out. Though he made the same response as my stepfather ("why don't you", which i did) it literally hit me about the mimicking thing. The way I was raised seemed like I really was just acting on my own but it was the impact of others choices around me and the reaction I saw from them that encouraged me to just do what they do.

    I enjoyed the experiment but it made me also realize how I learn today. I don't like to read a cookbook to find something new, I like youtube videos that SHOW me and I mimic everything they do and I stay that way because it clearly works haha.

  2. Jamie,

    I also think it is important to realize how our own behaviors are observed and imitated by others. For example, when my friend's niece was three, she watched a few episodes of the MTV show "Jersey Shore" and began screaming "JERSEY SHORE" followed by a swear word every where she went. She also had a sudden fascination with "strippers" and asked if she could be a stripper when she was older or if her mom is ever a stripper... Obviously, this show exposed her to a few words and concepts she had no previously been exposed to and even just hearing or seeing these things for a few minutes made her imitate some of the things she saw on the show. I have personally only seen a few episodes of the show where people I know were spotted in bars or clubs but overall, I feel the show negatively portrays people of NJ, particularly those living in beach towns. Either way, the imitation was present after a few minutes of observing... Good post.


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